​​​Elmhurst Home Inc.

Drug Treatment Program

The Drug Abuse Treatment Program is housed in a high-end residential setting. There are separate facilities for male and female clients. Meals and recreational activities are shared under the supervision of the staff. 

Corrections Program

Through cooperative arrangements with prison, probation, and parole officials throughout the state, Elmhurst Home, Inc. plays a growing role in prison rehabilitation and crime prevention. In some jurisdictions, prisoners are paroled to the direct custody of Elmhurst Home, Inc. Services include:

  • GED courses 
  • Pre-release job-training programs 
  • Employment opportunities in cooperation with parole personnel 
  • Material aid
  • Spiritual guidance to both prisoners and their families.

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(313) 867-1090, ext. 101

"Recovery with Dignity"

Recovery Services

Elmhurst Home, Inc. provides Recovery Services for men over the age of 18.  We offer the following services for our recovery programs:

  • Group Sessions
  • Relapse/Recidivism
  • Case Management
  • Recreational Activities
  • Money Management
  • Life/Computer Skills Training / GED Literacy Program

Those who wish to enter our program DO NOT need: 

  • Insurance
  • Money
  • Material Possessions

 On the other hand, potential patients/residents will need:

  • A willing spirit
  • A made-up mind
  • A burning desire to change
  • A referral from the Institute of Population Health (1-800-467-2452) and/or
  • A referral from a parole, probation agent or Wayne County Sheriff's Office.