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Residential Programs

Elmhurst Home (Men) and Naomi's Nest (Women) Residential Program is designed to serve males and females, at separate facilities, with drug, alcohol and dual diagnosis-related issues.

Treatment is provided in a safe, supportive home-like environment where residents can begin to learn the new skills necessary for achieving long-lasting recovery and begin to deal with any 

mental health issues.  The intensive, structured program is filled with daily activities that help the resident to recognize their own denial systems, come to terms with their problems, and begin to make the positive choices that will lead them to a healthy and productive life.  Elmhurst Home, Inc. provides both short-term (14-30 days) and long-term (90) days residential substance abuse treatment for men and women over the age of 18.  

We offer the following residential programming:

  • Mental Health Referrals 
  • Dual Diagnosis Capability in Addiction TreatmentDDC/DDE Score (3.5-4.49)
  • Weekly Individual Sessions
  • Cognitive Behavioral Change through  Role Play
  • Employment/Housing Assistance
  • Life/Computer Skills Training
  • Certified GED Literacy Program
  • Education Didactics
  • On-Site/Off-Site AA/NA/FA Meetings
  • Relapse/Recidivism Techniques
  • Anger Management Skills
  • On-Site/Off-Site Community Service (e.g. Urban Farming)
  • Group Therapy
  • Spiritual/Social Skills Development
  • Parenting Classes
  • Family Reconciliation
  • HIV/STD Testing/Education
  • Work Therapy
  • ​Drama Therapy

Drug Treatment Program

The Drug Abuse Treatment Program is housed in a high-end residential setting. There are separate facilities for male and female clients. Meals and recreational activities are shared under the supervision of the staff. 

Corrections Program

Through cooperative arrangements with prison, probation, and parole officials throughout the state, Elmhurst Home, Inc. plays a growing role in prison rehabilitation and crime prevention. In some jurisdictions, prisoners are paroled to the direct custody of Elmhurst Home, Inc. Services include:

  • GED courses 
  • Pre-release job-training programs 
  • Employment opportunities in cooperation with parole personnel 
  • Material aid
  • Spiritual guidance to both prisoners and their families.